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Computerworld Display Ads

Spec sheet

File size:
Maximum file size per banner: 50 kb.
URL to landing page must be provided. Link will always open in a new window.

Images must be provided in RGB colors.

Rich Media:
SWF, HTML5, HTML or Redirect TAG

Fallback items:
Flash ads must always be accompanied by a Fallback ad (.gif or .jpeg) so that users who do not have Flash player installed also receive an ad.

clickTAGs is used to link the ad against a component that counts the number of clicks and compiles statistics for your ad. It is beneficial for both advertiser and owner of ad space to get accurate statistics.
It is done as follows: on (release) {getURL (clickTAG1, "_blank");}

For Flash 6 or higher (-root.clickTAG)
on (release) {getURL (_root.clickTAG, "-Shiny");}

Sound is allowed when the user must activate it with a click. The ad must be marked with a sound symbol to turn sound on and off. We reserve the right to refuse certain sounds. The volume must be encoded to below or equal to -12 dB.

The video will be streamed or loaded progressively and have a time of one minute. The video will not automatically start, but to be regulated through a play button or mouseover. The video plays only once. If the user want to see it again - it must be regulated via the play button.

Deadlines and delivery

Creatives shall be delivered no later than two business days prior to campaign launch. Complicated advertising solutions is to be submitted seven days before the campaign start.

In case of late delivery Computer Communications can not guarantee that ads will be running on time.

Send creatives and URL to:
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